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     It is widely believed that the River Road Bridge Creature is actually a Bridge Troll. Sightings began around December of 2009 and have steadily increased since that time. Being a troll, those that come into contact will be scared away or asked to pay some kind of price to be able to pass. Though Bridge Trolls are usually known for their activities in European countries, there have been similar reports in other cities in the United States. One such incident included two people posing as Bridge Trolls. They charged joggers and bikers $1 to pass, though were removed from the bridge after they assaulted an off- duty police officer.[1] If you look closely, you can see that these "people" are actually trolls in disguise.


     The gigantic troll was often dim witted and lived in caves with a fondness for human flesh. Eventually, dwarf sized trolls emerged from the mythology. These smaller trolls were not as large or as strong as the giant trolls, but just as dangerous.

     Trolls were popular in Scandinavian folklore. There is much written about the trolls' habits, including an aversion to noise and sunlight. A troll could be destroyed by sunlight, which could turn them into stone. If a person learned a troll's name, they would have

the power to destroy it, though retrieving the name of the troll often resulted in the death of the person prior to the death of the troll.

     A nasty habit of the troll was to steal babies and seduce wives. This usually created an unpopularity of the troll with mankind. A troll could be warded off with mistletoe and byre and bonfires at the crossroads of the town. Many of these customs still exist today in Scandinavian culture as part of celebrations and throughout many of their holiday rituals.[2]

Known Trolls in the United States

     The Fremont Troll (also known as The Troll, or the Troll Under the Bridge) is in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, Washington in the United States.      The Troll is . . . located on N. 36th Street at Troll Avenue N., under the north end of the Aurora Bridge. Aurora Avenue North was renamed "Troll Avenue" in its honor in 2005. It is clutching an actual Volkswagen Beetle, as if it had just swiped it from the roadway above. The vehicle has a California license plate.[3] The Troll is 5.5 m high, weighs two tons (1814 kg).[4]

Dam Trolls appeared in the United States in the early 1960's, later they returned to the United States in 1982 under a new name - Norfins.[5] These are a well known form of troll that are small doll-sized trolls. They almost always have different hair colors, some outlandish, and all have prized jewels on their stomachs.

Lastly there are online trolls. These can be the most fearsome, and don't always look like trolls. Internet trolls can enter your area (usually chat rooms) and then cause emotional damage/distress for all present. There is usually no way to combat these trolls except for booting them off or ignoring them. One developing defense though, is to just treat them nice and try to understand their view as is shown in a YouTube video.[6] Though, you have to be careful of the swearing.

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