Location:   St. George, Utah,
                 United States

Owner:   CK Stratford
Agents:   None currently
Business Affiliates:   None currently

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About Hawc Productions

     This is a company that works in Film & Photography through producing, directing, cinematography, editing, photography, screenwriting, and/or story ideas. Our motto is Honesty, Diligence, Valor (HDV, aka High Definition Video). We strive to always give honest service in the most effective & efficient ways for projects that meet good morals.

If you want to give any ideas for projects, want to hire us, or want to be a part of the creations some other way or another (acting, writing, assisting, donating) please contact us. We believe "The best way to get ahead is to help the person in front of you move forward." Please let us work together for a better us.

Founder/Owner: CK Stratford

Camera Operator: Jordan Hurd

Camera Operator: Eric Stratford




Make-up Supervisor:

Medical Supervisor: Dr. Kerry Stratford

Production Manager: Camara Rauen

Props Master:

Script supervisor: Brandan Morgan

Seamstress: Kim Payne

Special Effects Supervisor:

Unit Publicist: Clint Broadhead

Unit Publicist: Haylie Jameson